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Iran Motorcycle Tour 2024

Iran Motorcycle Tour - Persian Fairy Tale on a BMW Motorcycle.​

Dear Rider!

 ​We are proud to announce our new tour in Iran. We are the first motorcycle touring company on the World organizing motorcycle tour on BMW motorcycles with start and end in Iran. Back in 2007 I visited Iran for a very first time guiding a group of slovenian tourists and I loved the country with all the diversity you can find there. With no doubts I agreeded that I've discovered the country of the most friendly people I've ever been. I returned there many times and after nine years and more than 100 countries travelled this didn't change.

If travel is most rewarding when it surprises, then Iran might just be the most rewarding destination on Earth. Iran's beaches, breathtaking Islamic architecture and incredible food could see the country be top of the 'must-visit' destinations. Country currently preparing for a 'tsunami' of foreign tourists, who will no doubt be drawn to one of 19 Unesco-registered World Heritage sites. But to think of Iran only in terms of ‘sights’ is to miss the real story. Iran is people. If you like people, you’ll like Iran. The Iranians, a nation made up of numerous ethnic groups and influenced over thousands of years by Greek, Arab, Turkic and Mongol occupiers, are endlessly welcoming.

We believe that warm hospitality, thousands of years of rich history and culture, beautiful landscape rides and the most friendly people on the world will win western political motivated negative propaganda.Over five million tourists experienced that in 2014. Half from them were from Europe, North America and East Asia.

Ride from Iranian highlands to Persian Gulf, over Iran's largest desert to the Caspian Sea.
Join our ride in April and October 2024
. The exact date will be published soon! We go all the way!

Rozle Verhovc
Clutch Moto Tours Owner/Operator   


                          October 2024
START / FINISH: Tabriz, Iran
FLY IN/OUT: Tabriz International Airport (TBZ)
DURATION: 22 days, 21 nights, 16 riding days, 4 rest days
 ROUTE:  approx. 4500 km / 2800 miles
The entire route runs on asphalt roads

REST DAYS: 4 - Teheran, Esfahan, Shiraz, Yazd
HIGHLIGHTS:  Tabriz, Urmia, Abayaneh, Shiraz, Yazd, Esfahan, Kerman, Mashhad, Bandar Anzali, Zanjan, Ramsar, Kermanshah, Teheran

Iran Motorcycle Tour 2024


Highly Professional Service based on

We speak the language, we know the locals and we know the way!


► Late model BMW motorcycle with unlimited mileage and all gasoline included
► BMW Navigator V navigation with daily routes preprogrammed
► Clutch “Maximum 8 bikes on tour” policy
► Experienced tour guide on a motorcycle
► 2 guides on a motorcycle when 7 or 8 bikes in the group
► Support van for luggage and extra bike
► All tolls, ferry rides and parking fees included


► 5* hotels where available!
► Airport transfers on arrival and departure

► All city guided tours included
► All entrance fees included
► Extensive Clutch booklet with all maps with marked tour routes
► All beverages and snacks on stops included (coffee, tea ...)
► All drinking water included


► All À la carte gourmet meals in best local restaurants
► All breakfasts
► All dinners except on a rest days
► All lunches with soft drinks except on a rest days

Day 1: Arrival to TabrizDay 2: Tabriz - ArdabilDay 3: Ardabil - MasulehDay 4: Masuleh - RamsarDay 5: Ramsar - TehranDay 6: Tehran Rest dayDay 7: Tehran - GorganDay 8: Gorgan - MashhadDay 9: Mashhad - BirjandDay 10: Birjand - KermanDay 11: Kerman - Yazd Day 12:Yazd - ShirazDay 13: Shiraz Rest dayDAy 14: Shiraz - EsfahanDay 15: Esfahan Rest dayDay 16: Esfahan - KhorramabadDay 17: Khorramabad - HamedanDay 18: Hamedan - ZanjanDay 19: Zanjan - TabrizDay 20: Departure Tabriz
Day 1: Arrival to Tabriz

Welcome to Iran! Clutch Team will meet you at the airport in Tabriz, introduce you to first basic information about the area, and transfer you to the hotel. We will meet in the hotel lobby at 3:30 pm, and officially start the tour with a briefing and a little bit of paperwork; you will meet the other riders, and the motorcycles you will be riding. The first day will end in the traditional Iranian restaurant with a special welcoming dinner. Tabriz is Iranian 5th biggest city, famous for one of the oldest market places on the world, Tabriz’s Grand Bazaar is a UNESCO – listed World Heritage Site and certainly  top place to visit while there. Get lost in the labyrinth of small streets while  talking to the friendly shopkeepers and enjoying a cup of tea

Day 2: Tabriz - Ardabil

We stop in Ardabil, ancient city in Iranian Azerbaijan (altitude of 1,263 meters/ 4,144 ft). Ardabil is known for its silk and carpet trade tradition and also for being a seat of a World Heritage Site the Ardabil Shrine - the sanctuary and tomb of Shaikh Safî ad-Dîn, the beginner of Safavid  Dynasty, one of the most powerful ruling dynasties of Iran. You can go for a stroll to local Persian bazaar or nearby Lake Shorabil which has surface covered with a thin white layer of minerals, being useful for healing skin diseases and rheumatism.

Day 3: Ardabil - Masuleh

After 280 km of twisty roads we arrive in Masuleh, one of the most beautiful villages in Iran with 1000 year old history. Main attraction is its unique architecture. Building are built into the mountain and are all connected. Rooftops and courtyards of yellow clay facades are also used as streets for pedestrians, since vehicles are not allowed into town. It is ideal place for a cup of tea at with magnificent view of the surrounding forests and hills. 

Day 4: Masuleh - Ramsar

178km ride to Ramsar, city where Arboz Mountains meet the coast of Caspian Sea. It is popular sea resort for Iranians and also known for it’s hot springs (hammams). You can visit Caspian Museum at the summer palace of the last Iranian Shah Reza. In 1971 Ramsar Convention on wetlands was signed in the city. It is known as the first modern treaty between nations aimed at conserving natural resources.

Day 5: Ramsar - Tehran

Our morning starts with a  ride along the Caspian coastline, one of the most popular destinations for Iran's domestic tourists. Sandy beaches give way to wide open steppes, thickly forested foothills and eventually the bare peaks of the Alborz mountain range. For many Iranians, especially those from Tehran, the lush vegetation and spectacular natural scenery, along with the tropical summers and mild winters, offer a striking contrast from city life and the dry interior. Soon after we say goodbye to the Caspian sea (in fact, the world's largest lake) we hit the most famous road in Iran, Chalous Road or the Road 59. This road is the main connection between Caspian Sea area and the capital Tehran. This twisty and scenic road was open for traffic back in 1933 and ever since it’s one of the best roads to ride and drive in the country.

Day 6: Tehran Rest day

Go out for a Persian delicious dish in one of Darband’s beautiful restaurants, shopping in endless rows of stores in grand bazaar…Actually this gigantic, busy beating heart of Iran has got so many beauties to be discovered. Although it is just a 2 century old city, you can find the oldest and most precious heritages of Iran and the world behind the walls of its unique museums. Tehran’s museums are among the bests in the world. Darya-ye Nur (sea of light), the world’s largest uncut diamond in national jewels museum, the startling exhibit of Salt Man in the national museum, the stunning collection of Achaemenid gold bowls, drinking vessels, armlets and decorative pieces in Reza Abbasi museum are samples of thousands works definitely worth visiting. Tehran is a cosmopolitan city and has got mixed features of the first, second and third worlds. While technology and modernity may becloud its classic character, you can find scenes of old mosques, churches, mansions, palaces all over the city. Tehran’s Grand bazaar, the world’s largest bazaar, is crawling, only some kilometers away from Milad tower. Milad tower, the world’s 4th tallest tower, is going to be a complete complex including restaurants at the top with spectacular views, a five-star hotel, a world trade center and an IT park...or just enjoy your rest day in your luxury hotel and relax.

Day 7: Tehran - Gorgan

Today you will ride one of the most scenic mountain roads on the tour on the way to Gorgan, the capital of Golestan Province. Gorgan is a vibrant city with ethnically mixed population. You can visit local bazaar where local nomads sell their handicrafts or you can wonder around old town to find some interesting historical sights and beautiful buildings. One of highlights is Qabous Tower which is believed to be the oldest brick funerary tower in the world and is also listed as UNESCO World Heritage Site. Gorgan is also the birthplace of the Agha Mohammad Khan, the founder of the Qajar dynasty.

Day 8: Gorgan - Mashhad

After a longest ride on the tour we arrive in Mashad, second biggest city in Iran and the holiest for the Iranians. Millions of pilgrims come every year to visit cities highlight – the shrine complex with the tomb of Imam Reza, the eighth Shia Imam. They come to pay their respects to his martyrdom in 817 AD. City is also popular with honeymooners, who believe sharing it with the Imam will bless their marriage.

Day 9: Mashhad - Birjand

After a full day of riding through the dry countryside we stay overnight in Birjand, a small city with the population of about 190.000.City also known as City of Pines is the capital of East Iranian province of South Khorasan.  It is well known for carpet weaving. Birjand’s carpets are also known internationally as “Mood Carpets” named after the region in Birjand and it has a unique weaving style. In history Birjand was a meeting point for caravans traveling between Europe and India.

Day 10: Birjand - Kerman

Another day riding the driest areas of Iran is ahead of us. The desert city of Kerman is our next interesting destination. With it’s 800.000 inhabitants is the 10th largest city in Iran and most important city of the area. It is located on a plateau 1755 m above sea. Historically it has long been a meeting point for people coming from Persia and from Indian Subcontinent. In city you must visit historic but still very busy bazaar and beautiful Shazdeh Garden.

Day 11: Kerman - Yazd

The 3,000-year-old city of Yazd is almost entirely built of adobe and is one of the most important centers of Persian architecture. Venetian merchant traveler Marco Polo, who visited Yazd in 1272, described the city as a noble one with a notable silk-weaving industry. With its many wind towers and Sabats, this ‘Desert Bride’ is a prime example of the compatibility of human-built architectural designs with the natural environment and the ingenuity of Iranian engineers. For thousands of years, Yazd’s Qanats, underground water canals, have made farming possible in the desert climate, its Ab Anbars, traditional water supply systems have allowed urban settlements to take shape, and its wind towers, which function as traditional air conditioning systems, have enabled its inhabitants to survive the desert heat. The city’s 15th century Amir Chakhmaq Complex is one of the main attractions of Yazd, particularly at night when it is lit up with orange lights. Yazd has always been a major center of Zoroastrianism, local religion which you will meet closer during our visit there.

Day 12:Yazd - Shiraz

On the way to Shiraz we’ll stop to visit 3 of the most important tourist attractions in Iran. First is the final resting place of Cyrus the Great in Pasargadae, who is best remembered for his unprecedented tolerance and magnanimous attitude towards the nations he conquered and for drawing up the first Charter of Human Rights known to man. The second destination is Persepolis, the ceremonial capital of the Persian Empire, once known as the richest city under the sun. Persepolis was built by the Achaemenid King Darius I and his successors.  The compound includes military quarters, the treasury, reception halls and living quarters for Achaemenid kings. One of the main attractions of Persepolis is the "Gate of All Nations," which was where all visitors had to pass through on their way to the Throne Hall to pay homage to the reigning Achaemenid king.

Day 13: Shiraz Rest day

Today you will enjoy the rest day in the oldest city of ancient Persia. Shiraz is regarded as the cultural capital of Iran and the city of poetry, gardens and love. The sixth most populated city of Iran, Shiraz is famous for its laidback atmosphere as well as its many historical and natural sites.This enchantress of a city leaves all visitors enamored with its attractions ranging from the ruins of the ancient Achaemenid capital in Persepolis, its necropolis Naqsh-e Rostam and the mysterious Cube of Zoroaster, the final resting place of Cyrus the Great in Pasargadae and the ruins of Bishapour to the lush Eram and Jahan Nama gardens, extravagant Qajar mansions like Zinat ol-Molouk and Qavam houses, striking Jame Atiq and Nasir Al-Mulk mosques and the historic Quran Gate. In the 13th century, Shiraz was a leading center of the arts and sciences due to its many scholars and artists. The poet of love Hafez, whose poems have captured the hearts of many throughout the world, hailed from this city. The tombs of Hafez, Saadi, and Khwaju Kermani in the city are stunning structures erected in memory of these legendary bards.

DAy 14: Shiraz - Esfahan
Day 15: Esfahan Rest day

The most famous Persian description of the city of Esfahan is Esfahan nesf-e Jahan (Esfahan is half the world), which the Esfahanis coined in the 16th century to express the city's grandeur. After visiting the city we are sure you willl agree. The historic sites of Esfahan are among the world's very rare monuments of which some people say that the more you look at them the more they fascinate and surprise you. Ali Qapu, Naqshe-e Jahan Square, Chehel Sotoun Palace, Khaju Bridge, Vank Cathedral and Sheikh Lotfollah Mosque are just a few most important highlights which you shouldn’t miss while enjoying your rest day there.

Day 16: Esfahan - Khorramabad

The full day ride through Iranian countryside will bring us to Khorramabad. The city  is famous for its lush landscape from scenic waterfalls and green valleys to forests, rivers and natural springs. One of the most famous natural attractions of the city is the 48-meter Bisheh Waterfall, which is surrounded by oak trees.

Day 17: Khorramabad - Hamedan

Located along the ancient Silk Road, Hamadan is one of the oldest cities of Iran, which is said to have been built by the first median king, Deioces. He is said to have built a capital for himself he named Hegmataneh or (Ecbatana) meaning ‘City for all’ or ‘place of gathering’ as he united all Median tribes to establish his kingdom. This ancient city is home to Muslim, Christian and Jewish religious communities. The Tomb of Esther and Mordechai in Hamadan is a revered Jewish pilgrimage site. 

Day 18: Hamedan - Zanjan

On the way to Zanjan we’ll stop in Soltaniyeh to see Soltaniyeh Dome, the third tallest dome in the world after Santa Maria delle Grazie in Italy and Hagia Sophia in Turkey. The dome of Soltaniyeh is 25.5 meters in diameter at its base and 48.5 meters tall. The Dome was registered as a UNESCO World Heritage Site in 2005. Zanjan is a city rich in history. Some of the city’s famous sites include a traditional bazaar, a Jame Mosque, Mullah Hassan Kashi Mausoleum and the Zanjan Wash House. The city is also where the Saltmen of Iran have been discovered. The saltmen are six salt mummies from the Achaemenid (550-330 BC) and Sassanid (226-651 CE) eras that were found in Chehrabad Salt Mine.

Day 19: Zanjan - Tabriz

Today we are riding back to Tabriz where we started the tour. We’ll enjoy the last scenic riding on the tour through the Azerbajdzan province of Iran with many interesting colored rock formations by the road. We finish our incredible trip with a farewell dinner. 

Day 20: Departure Tabriz

Clutch Team will transfer you to the airport or to any other place in Tabriz, from where you continue your travel.

The 20 days Iran Moto Tour includes:





- All accommodation throughout the tour, 4* and 5* hotels, best in the area, stylish and classy

- Airport transfers on arrival and departure (first and last day of the tour)
- Clutch “Maximum 8 bikes on tour” policy
- Late model BMW motorcycle with unlimited mileage, 3 BMW cases and tank bag
- BMW Navigator V navigation with daily routes preprogrammed
- Third party liability insurance and Comprehensive vehicle insurance

- ATA carnet for vehicles and all other necessary documents
- Delivery of motorcycles from Ljubljana to/from Tabriz, Iran
- Experienced tour guide on a motorcycle (Rozle Verhovc, Clutch's CEO)

- Iranian moto guide

- Experienced Iranian tourist guide that speaks Enslih and the local language 
- Support van for luggage and extra bike driven by experienced Clutch staff
- All ferry rides according to our tour program
- All gasoline

- All breakfasts (19)
- All "a la carte" lunches in best restaurants with soft drinks except on a rest days (14)
- All "a la carte" dinners in best restaurants except on a rest days (15)
- All coffee, tea and soft drinks during the entire tour
- All drinking water
- All entrance fees
- All road tolls
- All parking fees
- All city guided tours
- Extensive Clutch booklet with the tour itinerary and marked roads
- Detailed local maps with marked daily tour routes 


Not Included:


- International flight to/from Tabriz
- Iranian Visa (OBLIATORY!!!). After booking the tour we will help you to arrange all the obligatory documents.
- Personal insurance

- Travel insurance
- Lunches and dinners on a rest days = 4 (rest days are on accommodation with breakfast basis only)
- Riding gear
- Personal spending and tips


Price for the RIDER
BMW F 750 GS 19.770 EUR
BMW F 850 GS 19.990 EUR
BMW R 1250 GS  20.320 EUR
BMW R 1300 GS 20.850 EUR
BMW R 1250 GS ADV 20.850 EUR




Maximum 8 bikes on the tour!
Small group for more enjoyable ride!
​Departure guaranteed! 

2024 SEASON prices are in EUR/person
Price for the PASSENGER: 13.720 EUR
Single room supplement: 1.850 EUR
Deposit at booking: 2000 EUR / person