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 ... we had completed our magical mystery tour safely, made new friends along the way, and had an absolute blast! We cannot sing the praises of Clutch Moto Tours, and especially Rozle Verhovc highly enough.''

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Certified BMW Motorrad Tourguide

Slovenia Motorcycle Tour - Eastern loop to SEVNICA 1 day

Ride to Eastern Slovenia and visit Sevnica, home town of Clutch Moto Tours and American First Lady Melania Trump. She was born and raised there before she moved to US, you can see the house where she growed up. Sevnica is also known after one of the most beautiful mideval castles in Slovenia. Annual Salamijada (Salami Festival) with over 50 years long tradition is held there every March. Town is located in Posavje region in the eastern part of the country. On the way there  stop in Vransko and visit the Grom Motorcycle Museum, one of the world's largest and most diverse collections of motorcycles. Beautiful riding through green countryside of Slovenia will bring you to another best kept secret of Slovenia, Turnip Wine Celers (Repnice), caves dug into quartz sand which was washed to the area of Bizeljsko millions of years ago by Pannonian Sea. In the past local farmers used them to store agricultural products but today they serve as wine cellars.



START/FINISH: Ljubljana, Slovenia

FLY IN/OUT: Ljubljana Jože Pučnik International Airport



ROUTE: Total distance: 350 km (215 miles)
The entire route runs on good asphalt roads.

HIGHLIGHTS: Vransko Motorcycle Museum, Rogaška Slatina, Bizeljsko, Sevnica

Slovenia Motorcycle Tour - Eastern loop to SEVNICA 1 day

Slovenia Motorcycle Tour - Eastern loop to SEVNICA 1 day​ includes:

- Fully equipped motorcycle of your choice (2 side cases & 1 top case, map holder, security lock)
​- Third party liability insurance and Comprehensive vehicle insurance
- BMW Navigator V with a daily route preprogrammed
- Extensive Clutch booklet with description on most important monumentes on the route
- Map of Slovenia with marked tour route
​- 22% VAT (Value Added Tax)
​- luggage storage
​- 24 hours support
Please read our TERMS & CONDITIONS for more details.

- Helmet ( 10 € / day )
- Rain gear ( 8 € / day )
- Jacket ( 15 € / day )

Price for the RIDER
BMW F 700 GS 165 €
BMW F 800 GS 185 €
BMW R 1200 GS LC  215 €
BMW R 1200 GS Adventure  LC 230 €
BMW R 1200 RT 230 €
BMW K 1600 GT 260 €

Self guided tour, departure date by your choice.


2021 and 2022 SEASON prices are in EUR/person